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March 16, 2020

The Butterfly Effect Organization

The Butterfly Effect Organization
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The pressure of being a young woman is something I can’t say I truly understand. If a young boy has sex, he is cool... A young girl’s reputation is tarnished for the same offense... A young man can walk around shirtless and nothing is said... but if a young lady shows too much skin, she is a whore... I don’t agree with HOW the ladies of hip-hop is trying to change that narrative but do agree it needs to be changed

This is where the good people of The Butterfly Effect Outreach organization in St Louis comes in... peep their mission statement:

“We aspire to be a positive and driving force in the lives of young ladies ages 14-19 facing the day to day pressures of positive self-imagery, sex, healthy relationships, and future aspirations. Our goal is for each young lady to see that they are not alone, and can also serve as a motivation to other young ladies, by empowering them with love, providing them with life-skills needed to obtain/maintain self-sufficiency, and a safe space for them to fellowship with one and another.”

Check out The Black Collar Mindset availible at www.theblackcollarmindset.com


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