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Lioness Lair on Beauty is in the Eye of the Behold

It was such a great conversation! I have enjoyed all the points made by each speaker and I plan on coming back to listen again :)

Love yourself!

Great content! Good conversation! Keep it coming ladies!

Always refreshing and mindful topics

Thought provoking and made me turn the camera onto selfie mode!

Seth & Kamille! Powerful!

My most favorite podcast. Always riveting, thought-provoking, solution-packed, fun and funny!!! It is my priory on Saturday mornings.

Real Talk

Wow!!! I can tell you that this hit for me with where I find myself right now. They spoke about the trauma and hurt of divorce without the bashing of their partners. They ended this with positively learning and working on yourself and knowing that it okay to choose being happy even if that meant being apart.

General Review

I have being following Seth And I Am Never Stop Being Impressed By The Information Being Provided. Sis And Brother You Need To Jump On And Listen To This Program. Man it’s straight up Food For Life Style Change And Development.

Let's talk!

I think this Podcast is great and the conversations are "what's happening now" in the intersection of life in the military and life as an African American or living/working as minority. I enjoy the content and will keep right on listening. Can't wait for the Lioness of the Pride talk!!!


Good energy. Laid back vibe with professional interaction and commentary.

Must Watch

Inspiring and informative! Love listening in to the Lion's Den with Seth!

Great Representation

I love the different personalities & perspectives of the host. I also appreciate the diversity of the guest!

Great Platform

This platform provides timely, authentic, and relatable content for all ages. It's a great place to have candid discussions and get the information you need to succeed in every facet of life.

Review of content

The podcast is entertaining, informative and thought provoking. I enjoy the honest interaction as well as the knowledge of the host and guest hosts. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for real discussion on difficult and timely topics.

A must listen every week!

Seth is an incredible speaker and motivator. These discussions include great opinions from thought leaders. I can’t wait to see what topics they cover next!