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Refreshing Cool Conversation

I like that it’s real talk and real people. Feels like progressive friends talking and lift up one another. My vibe.


I think it's very enlightening. Very real and the host are very open minded when it comes to their topics.


I think it's very enlightening. Very real and the host are very open minded when it comes to their topics.

Lions den

I think it's very enlightening. Very real and the host are very open minded when it comes to their topics.

One of the best

Great podcast! One of the few that I not only enjoy, but will always gain insight on a plethora of topics.

The goft

I always enjoy your podcast..I think, for clarity purpose, I think you should do a podcast about the origins of religion and have a credited theologin and pastor debate based on facts..The goal is to unite us.. Also, another topic could be becoming a national or moors, we need to know our rights as indigenous people on this land.

Job well Done

The few podcast I've seen has been very informative and amazing. I love the fact that you hit everyday struggles that this generation is dealing with. Keep Going!

Podcast Bootcamp

Seth over delivered and gave me a great start to starting my Podcast! Thank you very much for sharing your expertise! Keep on SLAYin’🔥🔥🔥

Professional and Inviting

I thoroughly enjoyed my time on The Lions Den. I'm looking forward to being on the podcast again.


I really enjoyed being a guest on The Lion's Den. This was so needed because representation in media matters. The entire staff is professional. The synergy was simply amazing.

Right on time!

Thought the subject matter was great, this was right on time.

Hot topics

Yall brothas are spot on with content and perspectives of different topics throughout our community. I enjoy the content when can catch your podcasts

Rashod Coleman

It was a very enlightening episode with great questions from the panelist.

Can't Get Enough Of This Podcast!

The Lions Den is great! From serious real talk to hilarious convos, these brothers keep my attention every episode! Keep it up fellas, keep thriving 🔥

The interview

Excellent interview with my big sister Sherise Cooper. This is a great platform.

Sherise Cooper

I love the positive and upbeat energy given by the hosts! As Sherise was being transparent, the hosts were attentive and actively listening! Engagement was awesome and the line of questioning was in sync!!!

Love the Show

I love how caring everyone was to the guest and how the content fit the lives of so many today.

Stop playing small!

It was great! I always enjoy your wisdom. Wish I had know this when I was younger but better late than never!👍😊

Sanity check with Seth & Kamille

Excellent as usual. Relevant topics and helpful content!!!

Mental health is important

Amazing thoughts and talk!

On Point

Sanity Check has elevated my personal and professional journey! Listening in to this podcast will challenge your perspectives.

Great content and hosts!

The podcast is great for those truly interesting in personal growth and development. It targets key areas in life that influence where you are, or will be, mostly based on how you view your self and others.

Lioness Lair

I really enjoyed listening and observing the dynamic trio points of view concerning the struggle and success of life!


Love the ladies!

DJ Jess



I really enjoyed the opportunity to here our apollo djess sharing his history of being a part of the great Apollo theater. I appreciate you guys taking notice to the questions which where presented. Keep doing your THANG. Blessings.

Very interesting knowledge

I learned so much about the history of the Apollo. I enjoyed listening to the advice for up and coming DJs. I definitely was able to relate to "the crates". Great podcast all around.

Fire 🔥

Very informative, 💯 real and entertaining at the same time. Looking forward to next week!