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May 2, 2022

Feeding The Streets with Project Pat

Feeding The Streets with Project Pat
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Many know him from Rap Classics like "Chicken Head" & "Don't Save Her"... For many of us, giving back to our community is important and we will be diving into Project Pat's GoFoundation9 organization and how they are supporting multiple communities. We will also get into his work within the prison systems and allow him the space to speak on how "GOD" has influenced his transition from the music industry to the leadership fold of mentorship...If you are digging the content, please let us hear your feedback & don't forget to SHARE, LIKE, and FOLLOW our page. We're gonna be streaming live from streamyard.com/facebook www.facebook.com/thelionscast Need to catch up on the Den? Add us to your playlist on www.lionspride21.com

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