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Jan. 24, 2022

Above it All with Sherise Cooper

Above it All with Sherise Cooper
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Sherise Cooper is a Lead Patient Access Representative for BJC health and the proprietor of DeHavelyn Homecare, LLC. in Saint Louis. She's also a mother who overcame incredible odds to provide a better life for her children.

Her story is one of inspiration and will show you that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. You won't want to miss this episode of the Lion's Den with Seth Podcast!

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Sherise CooperProfile Photo

Sherise Cooper

My name is Sherise. I was born in St. Louis, MO 3/24/69 to a 2 Parent home, with an older sister, Janice DeHavelyn Cooper ( deceased 10/26/86.) My sister & I were raised Middle Class, needing, nor wanting for anything. I excelled in school, attending accelerated classes for gifted students from 3rd grade to the 12th grade. After my sister’s untimely death, I sunk into what I called a ‘trauma-coma,’ of depression & severe spiritual malady. I went through a spiral decline, that began show during my college years at Fisk University in Nashville, TN. I was completely against any form of drugs, alcohol included, all throughout my youth. But, the pain I was feeling led me to a double-life of drinking & cocaine. I hid this habit for over 10 years from family & friends, until the drug addiction took over my whole being… I eventually gave my 3 children to their fathers & ran away to the streets of West St. Louis, MO. I spent 10 years in the ‘wilderness,’ where I met GOD. I vowed to tell how GOD delivered me from active addiction & gave me a NEW way of Life. Today, I am an active member of Women In Vision, Inc. ( Yolanda Hemphill-Robinson CEO,) facilitating in the Clayton Correction facility to women inmates, giving them Living skills (Before COVID19,) Narcotics Anonymous ( I sponsor women addicted to drugs & alcohol,) I’ve been a primary speaker on a national & local platform for Recovery for over 14 years. Today, I am a Lead Patient Access Representative for BJC health & sole proprietor of DeHavelyn Homecare, LLC.