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April 4, 2022

Fighting For Change

Fighting For Change
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Join us this Sunday, April 3rd at 6pm CST only on the Lion's Den with Seth as we have Niadu Allen as our guest. She will talk about the violent death of her daughter due to a domestic dispute and how it has motivated her to advocate for stricter gun laws, awareness surrounding mental health in our community, division of family/child protection services, early childhood funding, and more.

Tune in to hear how Niadu is fighting for change in honor of her daughter and learn what you can do to help make a difference in your community.

Hear inspiring stories and learn actionable ways you can make a difference in your community.
Make sure you tune into the Lion's Den with Seth this Sunday, April 3rd at 6pm CST!

We're gonna be streaming live from streamyard.com/facebook

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Niadu Jackie AllenProfile Photo

Niadu Jackie Allen

2x Author Best Seller/Owner of Invest in Vision LLC/Realtor/Investor/Founder of InHerRises Enterprises nonprofit organization

Niadu Allen is a Leader, speaker and advocate for women and families. She is petitioning for a name change within DFS and for laws to be amended for the betterment of families. She has been in healthcare management for over 20 years and recently became a Realtor/Investor. She is a Mother of 2, recently suffering the tragic loss of her daughter to gun violence, and now raising her grandchildren. She is a serial entrepreneur using every gift and talent that has ever laid dormant! Her motto is “Poverty is not my Portion”!