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Jan. 31, 2022

Fatherless Son with Rashod Coleman

Fatherless Son with Rashod Coleman
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Do you know someone who's been wrongfully convicted?

The Lion's Den with Seth is a podcast that tells the story of people who have had a similar experience. Rashod, the host, brings his expertise in law enforcement to help advocate for these individuals and bring justice to their families.

You'll be inspired by Rashod's journey as he fights for those who have been wrongfully convicted. Not only will you learn about the criminal justice system, but you'll also gain an understanding of how to fight for what's right.

His book is available Authorrashod.com

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Rashod Coleman

Fatherless Son by Rashod Coleman

Rashod Coleman is an African-American Police Officer. He started his Law Enforcement career with the Philadelphia Police Department in 2014. With his father being sentenced to two life sentences when Rashod was 3-years-old, it came as a shock to his family and friends when he revealed his intentions of joining the Police Department.

Throughout Rashod's career in Law Enforcement, he has received a heroism award from the city of Philadelphia and several recognitions for confiscating illegal firearms and drugs off of the streets of Philadelphia. Although Rashod enjoyed receiving accolades, he always wrestled with the reality that his father was found guilty of heinous crimes. After Rashod's father was released from prison, they began the painstaking task of exploring how the criminal justice system took advantage of his father. Rashod now advocates for people who have had a similar experience and hopes to bring justice to his family. Now living with his wife and children in Bladensburg, Maryland, Rashod and his father are working on building their relationship.