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Sept. 22, 2020

Lion's Den- Bridging The Gap with Dr. Jones

Lion's Den- Bridging The Gap with Dr. Jones
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With so much division among us and the trust citizens have lost with law enforcement across the nation...It's time to put forth action to re-establish that trust. Coming to "The Den" this Sunday is Dr. Terran Kendrick Jones (Chief Jones if you don't know) and he's going to share his journey that led him to developing a Non For Profit organization that's focusing on Bridging this very gap.

Following the situation with George Floyd, it inspired Dr. Kendrick to be the change he wants to see. So make sure you tune in so you can see just how impactful communities are when working towards a common goal.

NEWS ALERT: The creator of Us Mentoring Us (UMU) will be jointing us as our guest host, so you already know the real ness is going to be all the way on ten.

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